3 eye-catching dual color combinations for your home

Fell in love with two colors simultaneously, but don’t know which one to pick? Let us help you pick both the colors and deliver a statement with your perfectly styled home.

Colors bring out life in everything; needless to say, beauty resides in colors only. And maybe that’s why it has to be perfectly relevant when you are about to color your small world, your home.

While it may be a personal choice for a few, for some, it may be an acquired taste. And for the same reason, options should not be limited. You should not paint your walls in just white and beige, but experiment with some bold colors or subtle hues, as you like.

Not only one, but pick two and combine them. Two-color combinations will instantly elevate the look and feel of your home.

Let’s explore some of these wall paint color combinations for your interiors.

1.Try the bright side this time with this unique color combination

We always want you to have the sunny side up! And we will make it happen with this wall color combination for the house. The solid colored wall can lift the dull corners of the room and make it look brighter and spacious. Given the look of an accent wall, it is cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Adding a tinge of drama, you can mellow it down by keeping the rest of the walls white or beige. This interior color combination is unique and can deliver a strong statement about your sense of design. The contrasts in an otherwise white-beige room can accentuate the much-needed pop. A perfect blend, this paint color combination breathes fresh air in your home.

2. Get bold with emerald and add greens not to your home but your walls as well

The easiest way to add the oomph of luxury is to introduce jewel tones to your walls. This instantly enhances the aesthetics of the space and gives it a rich, sophisticated look. A delightful choice for an otherwise monochromatic color, the addition of rich green will further accentuate the color scheme. With statement furniture and a rug, the room’s warmth is intensified with the two-color combination of greens and grays.

We understand that picking up a bold color for the interiors is not an everyday affair, and we also understand how intensely it will affect your overall design scheme. But pairing it with a metallic hue can beautifully balance the entire setup with the colors of furniture and decor accessories muted to whites or off-whites.

3.Introduce the color of the year to your walls – Very Peri

Anytime you find yourself amid a “picking the right color” crisis, just go with the color of the year, as that remains the season’s favorite and the trend of the year too! Talking about this year’s color by Pantone, it’s Very Peri, a beautiful color to incorporate into your interiors and make it look like a new dream. Add a tinge of serenity and a sense of composure to your rooms with this color. And what better way to complement it but with the same color furniture? The monochromatic look is sophisticated and chic, lending it an ultimate contemporary touch for every modern homeowner.

Also, if you have wooden flooring, the warmth of walnut brown can go pretty well with the calming Very Peri or Lavender tones. Make your walls and home a statement in themselves and bring character to your space.

You can place a contrasting-color rug or furniture in white or beige and keep it low-toned to make the walls do the talking. This unique wall paint will be a perfect picturesque background for your gram selfies.

Whatever your design preference is, your sense of style can be sensed immediately by looking at the colors of the walls of your home – whether it is traditional, contemporary, or ultra-modern. And you can transform the design appeal of your home by changing the colors or choosing an appropriate two-color combination for your home.