Corporate Social Responsibilities

Refurbishment of Police Vehicles

Renovation of Ojokoro Public Library

Corporate social responsibilities inform a company’s credibility and define its ethical standards via a sustainable relationship with its environment and its consistent social impact.

Chemstar Paints has built a sustainable relationship that breeds consistent social impacts on:

Community: The prevailing communities and environs are duly impacted and a few of such areas are listed below:

  1. Renovation of community Police Station and refurbishment of vehicles
  2. Supply of paint products in the renovation of Ojokoro LCDA
  3. Construction of Waterways and reservoir at Casso
  4. Water Drainage and Street Grading ( Iwajowa CDA)
  5. Distribution of Palliatives for poverty alleviation during Covid Lockdown
  6. Public Water System at Baruwa Close (Iwajowa CDA)
  7. Christmas Gifts distributions to Oba’s & Baale’s of the community
  8. Renovation of Ojokoro Public Library
  9. Monthly support donation for the upkeep of children of Ijamido motherless home
  10. Construction of Chemistry Laboratory in the Polytechnic of Ibadan, Oyo State